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Healthy Skin

From our families to yours.

Rachel Fox and Emma Jayasuriya, founders and creators of Beebalm

We’re On Your Team

No-one is doing this parenting journey alone. NZ mums, you are not doing this parenting journey alone.

Often parenting can feel like the most lonely and isolating thing you’ll ever face (despite being constantly surrounded by noise and people!).

It’s the weight of responsibility that threatens to crush you when you second guess yourself, third, fourth and fifth guess yourself at 3am when you just don’t have the answers.

But we all walk that journey. It looks different for us all, and we have to walk it for ourselves, but every mum knows those feelings! 

There’s so many questions, and the right answers for you and your family are for you to find. No one can give you your answers, but we can reassure you are doing a good job, that trusting your instincts makes you a great mum – because nobody knows your family like you do.

It’s true, the old adage that it’s your worrying that shows you are a great parent, because it shows how much you care. Because you care, you ask the questions – what am I exposing my family to? How do I keep my family healthy? With so much conflicting information, what is the right way?

Walking the Talk

We created Beebalm from those questions. We are sisters, and when our babies developed eczema (one from allergies, one from an immune system over-reaction) we wanted relief for them that we could trust to be as safe and natural as possible. We were overwhelmed by the hugely conflicting information and variety of products available, many with ingredients that we couldn’t identify.

We read, we researched, we tried, we tested, and we developed a balm that would soothe and support healthy skin. No complicated ingredients or fillers. We knew what we needed, and that’s all we put in.

It worked for us then, and it works for us now. Beebalm continues to be our go-to for everyday healthy skin for our families, and it’s now helping hundreds of NZ mums and their families to do the same. Honestly, we don’t know what we’d do without it!

We’ve expanded our product range for the whole family as people have shared their needs with us. A natural nipple barrier balm for breastfeeding. An extremely gentle balm for newborn skin. A non-greasy barrier balm for nappy change time. And soft natural lip balms for lasting healthy lips.

You can feel confident that Beebalm is good for your family, your budget, and the environment. You’ll recognise every natural ingredient, and rest easy knowing exactly what you’re using. That’s one thing off the worry list.

You’ve got this! You’re doing an amazing job!