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Kia Kaha. The Beebalm Team.


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Simply healthy skin 


Beebalm is the all-purpose solution to maintain everyday healthy skin. We’ve got the right balm for every age and stage, from newborns to new mothers, and everything between and beyond.


Simple, beautiful ingredients indulge your skin, deeply nourishing it. Our locally sourced beeswax goes to work with your skin, creating a breathable barrier to lock the moisture in and empower natural healing that lasts.


Designed and lovingly handcrafted by mums for our own families, the Beebalm range will become your grab and dab go-to in every situation!

What you’re telling us

“Problematic athletes foot has finally got it’s comeuppance with the daily use of Better Balm over the period of a few weeks. Better than off the shelf fungal meds and even medical grade Manuka honey. Highly recommend it.”


“I appreciate when I recognise every ingredient in a product and know that I can source it all myself – I don’t want to spend the time and effort making it, so I love that the hard work is done for me!
I LOVE our Baby Bum Balm – we use it after every bath and anytime there is a hint of redness – we haven’t had a single case of nappy rash and any redness always disappears within a day.”


“I am loving beebalm, my skin is softer than ever before and it’s not greasy and a little goes a long way. It is also helping my son with his eczema. He now has a settled sleep because of this amazing balm. Absolutely love it.”


Boobee Balm

$15.00 $13.00

Balm of the Month

It’s New Mama March! Boobee Balm supports breastfeeding mums, pumping mums, and every mum who wants to avoid fragrances and synthetics around their babies.

Boobee Balm is all simple, all natural and all good.

It’s perfect for soothing, protecting and nourishing delicate skin. The natural oils and butters keep skin soft and healthy, and the locally sourced beeswax gives skin a breathable barrier that locks moisture in.

Save on Boobee Balm this month!